Environment and Non-Communicable Diseases

The research group Environment and Non-communicable Diseases aims to assure the expansion of pre- and clinical research that is already developed at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (FMUL). Overall, RG3 is focused on understanding how environmental factors interact and influence health and wellbeing, with particular emphasis on the main noncommunicable diseases and conditions. In this line, new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies of significant impact in the quality of patient’s life, public health and healthcare services, are stimulated, with potential of transfer to practice and policy implementation.

RG 3 studies the environmental determinants of noncommunicable diseases along their ‘natural history’. By allowing a better understanding on aetiology and mechanism of action, the research done contributes to the development and evaluation of preventive measures. Moreover, it promotes continuing development of health and other professionals’ competences, scientific diffusion, as well as application of innovations of social and commercial interest.

The methodological approach takes advantage of the vast clinical, laboratorial and epidemiological experience of the RG as a whole. The facilities provided by the central hospitals where the researchers currently work, and their connections with primary and long-term care centres, are also a factor of major importance.

Group leader: Maria Cristina de Brito Eusébio Bárbara Prista Caetano
Team members: Alcinda Costa da Silva Campos Melo • Ana Isabel Figueira Verdelho • Ana Margarida Sameiro Moutinho Neves • Augusto Cassul • Catarina Duarte Santos • Catarina Isabel Mateus Peixoto Plácido • Catarina Ferreira Murinello Sousa Guerreiro • Cátia Sofia Lourenço Rocha • Francisco João Salvado e Silva • Ivo da Piedade Álvares Furtado • Luís Filipe Leitão da Costa Froes • Luís Manuel Ferreira Esquível Carrilho Ribeiro • Maria de Fátima Miguel Rodrigues • Maria Fátima Soares Silveira Serejo Leal da Silva • Maria Luisa Caruana Canessa Figueira Cruz Filipe • Óscar Proença Dias • Marina Alexandra Diogo Carvalho • Marta Alexandra Mendes Salgado • Paula Maria Gonçalves Pinto • Sílvia Raquel Soares Ouakinin • António Vaz Carneiro


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