Revolution of sleep diagnostics and personalized health care based on digital diagnostics and therapeutics with health data integration

Sleep Revolution project is a multi-disciplinary project that aims to fundamentally change clinical sleep medicine with the introduction of a new diagnostic and digital management paradigm. The technology developed in this project combines the highest degree of diagnostic accuracy for sleep-disordered breathing (SDB), the home setting instead of the artificial sleep environment of a hospital setting. It also combines the advanced telemedicine technology, novel artificial intelligence (AI) diagnostic algorithms together with a high degree of participatory patient involvement. Patients will self-administer the sleep studies, sleeping at home for multiple nights with diagnostic equipment beyond the current clinical state-of-the-art.

The latest innovations in telemedicine will be employed to provide comprehensive information of wellbeing, symptom burden and treatment adherence by self-administered questionnaires, continuous monitoring of biosignals via wearables and objective daytime testing all performed at home by the patient. All of the clinically relevant information and sleep study results are available to the patient, emphasising the important component of participatory health care.

All data will be transferred by cloud-based technology to a central data store and digital management platform (DMP) with secure and controlled access to the patient, as well as relevant healthcare and research staff. Novel analysis algorithms using AI and machine learning will provide sleep parameters with high diagnostic precision and significantly enhanced predictive value for patient-related outcome measures (PROMs) compared to current clinical practice.

Sleep Revolution which consists of 37 partners, aims to fundamentally change clinical sleep medicine with the introduction of a new diagnosis of sleep-disordered breathing with digital management paradigm.

Reykjavík University, Iceland

Total cost
15.389.965,00 EUR

Start date
1 Mar 2021

End date
28 Feb 2025