Science & Society

To meet Environmental Health knowledge-to-action (KTA) rising demands and offer effective bridge with society, ISAMB will collaborate with public, private & third sectors, on its own initiative or at the request, to act as:

  • Public forum for exchange of ideas on the Environmental Health latest evidence/experience among environment and health stakeholders with interests in challenging Environmental Health issues (vg health impacts of urban environment, demographic change, living conditions, climate change, and innovative ways of exploring supportive environments, emphasizing the built environment and more and more the natural environment), to protect/promote health and wellbeing. Peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations will be a great KTA strategy and an Environmental Health Innovation Bank, a valuable output mainly for social and business sector.
  • Independent Scientific Environmental Health Advisory Body, producing/reviewing and communicating effective evidence-based knowledge to policymakers, at any level or sector. Besides the working areas of each Research Group (RG), which as specific sub-groups or individually will be responsible for advisory reports (vg policy briefs), substantive links between topics from different RGs may exist, leading to shared expertise/report within specific committees, under the Outreach Dimension’s Head.
  • Technical Training Center in Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH), offering continuing education for skill-building that meet the needs/interests of the EOH workforce, alumni, current students and anyone practicing in or studying EOH or related fields (particularly those from Portuguese speaking countries). This offer will comprise seminars, workshops, on-site training, and in-person, e- or b-learning short-courses (some within ISAMB’s higher education programs) covering topics in areas as Pneumology, Allergology, ORL, Nutrition, Psychology, Biosafety, Infection Diagnosis, Genetics, Endocrinology, Statistics.
  • Hub for Environmental Health Innovation, developing or contributing to initiatives and activities leading to the consolidation of a national cluster ‘from knowledge to market’ in the Environmental Health sector. That will be accomplished by the ISAMB itself or its participation in national and international consortiums, as it is the case of:
    • the LisbonLiving+, precursor of the national node for the EIT Health consortium (, launched in Portugal under the leadership of UL. ISAMB is closely associated to this initiative, a partner since the very beginning on behalf of FMUL and ISAM’s Coordinator as national CEO and European responsible for the EIT Health tool “Campus”, the Education component.
    • the European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (EHBMI), a European consortium of the European Commission’s initiative with the objective to create a European Joint Programme for monitoring and scientific assessment of human exposures to chemicals and potential impacts in Europe, building on previous activities undertaken at EU and national levels and where Portugal, through the ISAMB’s CEO and respective team, has been a very active member.
  • EOH Consulting Centre, providing an ample range of services to help organisations to characterise and to assess and manage their environmental and/or occupational risks and impacts in health & wellbeing. Experts of ISAMB are able to develop environmental health surveys and, through strategic partnerships within UL, will promote environmental & health impact assessment and safety risk assessment.