R&D at ISAMB entails five thematic Research Groups (RGs), each with several convergent research lines (RLs) encompassing its members specialisation areas, skills, competences. Researchers cross disciplinary boundaries to focus on the key Environmental Health issues under two perspectives: the threats to health and wellbeing posed by any type of environmental factors, and the benefits the exploitation of the natural and built environment can provide.

As internationally, the ISAMB R&D is product-oriented, being the driving force the need to collaborate with stakeholders from business, the third sector and policymakers, strengthening quality and innovation, and promoting cutting edge and business-relevant research across the most deprived Environmental Health areas in the country, namely those related to the contemporary key Environmental Health issues crosscutting the major societal challenges identified in Europe 2020. This requires open, timely and effective channels of bi-directional contact with key stakeholders, to help setting priorities, strengthening networking and partnership, ensuring lobbying, securing funding and widening knowledge transfer and dissemination.