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THE CHANGES AND INSTABILITIES occurring with environment, communities and local or regional cultures have major impacts upon the individuals, with marked and often negative effects upon their health, wellbeing and quality of life. Influences are however reciprocal, since human activity and behaviours also influence the environment and communities. These complex and closely intertwined influences between the environment, the impact of humans upon it, and in turn its influence upon human health and wellbeing are the aspects that make up the scope of Environmental Health.

On these days of unparalleled global environmental change and huge social and economic disorder, advancing knowledge on the relationships between the environment and health and wellbeing has therefore never been more important, not only to prevent disease and protect health, but also to know how to take advantage of the opportunities posed by supportive environments to tackle major health, social and economic problems.

Nevertheless, there is a vast gap in critical knowledge and in the education, training, implementation and management of Environmental Health issues. This deficit hinders national and global efforts to reduce or eliminate diseases that might be prevented by better managing environmental factors, or to efficiently explore the natural and built environment in an innovative way for the benefit of the human health and wellbeing.

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Daniel Salvador
EPAL - Águas de Portugal

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