ISAMB develops tailor-made training for early career researcher, from pre to post graduated level.




To raise national competence in Environmental Health (EH), maintaining FMUL’s high standard in post-graduation, a PhD Programme in Environmental Health (EnviHealth&Co) has been implemented. This programme comprises student-oriented advanced coursework and R&D components, within the broad scope of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) and crosscutting areas.

Counting on the collaboration of professors, researchers, visiting experts from different areas and countries, and sharing existing education offer with resources optimization purposes, an interdisciplinary atmosphere is promoted within the study plans as well as the R&D conducted at ISAMB or at other FMUL’s units and partners.

PhD projects are defined in strict collaboration with the companies and besides their supervisors from academia students are also supported by tutor from the company.




Besides the EnviHealth&Co, ISAMB collaborates in other post-graduated PhD/Master programmes of the University of Lisbon. ISAMB is also involved in the coordination of two optional courses of the MD curriculum (Mestrado Integrado em Medicina, MIM): Occupational Health (2nd year of the MIM) and Environmental Health (3rd year of the MIM). On the other hand, ISAMB periodically organizes post-graduation courses on different areas (e.g., Workshop on the health impact of climate change to be launched in 2019).