Education and Training

To raise national competence in Environmental Health (EH), continue high standard post-graduation at FMUL, optimize FMUL’s resources, and increase its research student population, a PhD Programme in Environmental Health (EnviHealth&Co) has been implemented, comprising student-oriented advanced coursework and R&D components, within the broad scope of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) and crosscutting areas. Essentially based on the advanced training component of the first year of EnviHealth&Co, an Environmental Health Master Course (EH-MSc) is currently under preparation.

Counting on the collaboration of professors, researchers, visiting experts from different areas and countries, and sharing existing education offer with resources optimization purposes, an interdisciplinary atmosphere is promoted within the study plans as well as the R&D conducted at ISAMB or at other FMUL’s units and partners.

Most seminars and courses are open to other students and health and other professionals to implement competences’ development and Continuing Education in the Health and related professions. Field work is as much as possible ensured in Industry, Services and NGOs.

PhD Programme in Environmental Health
MSc Course in Environmental Health
Continuing Education in the Health and related professionse