Advanced training

1st Workshop “Impact of climate change on human health”



Extreme events (heat waves and cold spells) have serious impacts on human health expressed as increased mortality and morbidity. In addition to adaptation and mitigation measures, behavioural changes are needed to better cope with extreme events.
This workshop provides participants with knowledge on climate change, and the skills to design and to follow populations’ health in a scenario of changing environments.



1. Outline, interpret and examine the association between environmental and health indicators in the context of climate change
2. Discuss and rethink the current “mitigation and adaptation” paradigm to fight climate change
3. Promote and apply coping behaviours as strategy to face extreme climate events
4. Produce multidisciplinary action plans to face the challenges posed by climate change on human health.

Target audience
Professionals from different areas who intend to improve their knowledge on the impact of climate change in health, including: medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, environmental engineers, geographers, meteorologists, urbanists, among others.

21 and 22 November 2019, 9h-13h / 14h-18h

Directors of the Workshop
Prof. Doutor António Vaz Carneiro
Doutora Joana Costa

Coordinators of the Workshop
Doutora Joana Costa
Mestre Osvaldo Santos

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